Monday, July 14, 2008

2008 Scotland Faith & Freedom Tour

Well, just as I promised here is my Scotland post. The pictures in this post are not in perfect order, but I am sure you will enjoy it anyway. 

Getting to Scotland was a bit of an adventure, but we did get there safe and sound. After missing our international flight out of the States, we were able to fly standby on the last flight out for the night. We made it to London Heathrow, and missed the connecting flight to Glasgow Scotland. They rebooked us to Edinburgh Scotland, which in the long run was better, seeing that the taxi ride was 25 minutes and not an hour! We got to the hotel with an hour or so before the opening dinner. After all of the trouble with the flights, we had no bags!! Yes, that is right, we went the next 3 days in the same clothes. I will say, I have never been so happy to see my suitcase in my life. It was like having a birthday at the age of 5!

The whole trip was just wonderful. One thing that struck me the most was walking past the graves or the markers on the side walks of the men and women who died for Christ. I will say that this trip caused my eyes to be opened even more to the reality of how great the cost is to be a follower of Christ. I do understand that not every person will have to die a martyr's death, but we must stand & fight for Christ no matter the cost. Coming away from this trip, my prayer is to be found faithful even to the end of my days. 

 The days were full of going to different places, lots of great conversations, and many wonderful memories were made. The weather was rather wet, sunny in the morning, rainy in the afternoon, and who knows what in the evening! The locals said 'That in Scotland, you can have all 4 seasons in one day!!' 

 Let me give you a few big highlights that I came away with:
1) For the opportunity to be able to attend a history tour like this one. 
2) Walking where the founding fathers walked.
3) Hearing the God honoring talks given by, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Potter, Mr. Morecraft, and               Mr. Gunn. 
4) Singing hymns in a couple of different churches. What a joy it was to hear voices of praise lifted up to our Heavenly Father. 
5) Trying new foods! (Yes, I did try Haggis, and if you don't know what it is, look it up on google!) 
6) The bus rides gave many opportunities for conversation. I was very thankful for the 
hours we had over the 2 weeks of being gone.

To be perfectly honest with you, I could sit here and type for many more hours telling of the many blessings from the Lord and showing the other 1000 plus pictures I did not post.  For tonight, I am going to end this post here. I hope you enjoy this little window into the land of Scotland.

 Until next time! 


Let me just say that the 'look left, look right' thing, is really a life saver!!

This is the Grass Market in Edinburgh, where many men and women were put to death for their reformed faith. 

Miss. Rebecca Zes

Miss. Erica Daming

Singing praise in the Iona Abby! 

Kelly on the Island of Iona.

Yes, there really are sheep all over the land of Scotland!! 

This was the area where you could get a cup of tea for the ride...

Sarah and Rebecca looking over the train schedule... 

The Jacobite Steam Train...

Mr. Doug Phillips

Mr. Bill Potter
Wesley S.
Dr. Joe Morecraft

Mr. Collin Gunn

Kelly and Triumph walking through St. Andrews.

St. Andrews 

The Falkirk Wheel....

The monument for the battle of Bannockburn

Justice taking notes.

Honor is ready for battle...

Faith looking from the 'Ladies Lookout' at Stirling Castle... 

Robert the Bruce Monument 

This is the beach where Chariots of Fire was filmed. 

Here in this driveway, Patrick Hamilton was burned at the stake.

Elizabeth and Noah Daming...

Peter Serven was the photographer for our tour...

Katherine Walsh watching the Highland Games...

After the games were over, the men from our group went down to try their hand. It was so much fun to watch them throw the 50 lb. dumbbell, and the 86 lb. rock. 

The local price of gas...

David did all the filming for the tour. I must say, he was the man for the job! 

The Closing Dinner

Yes, we did have a small group of men wearing a Scottish kilt... 


Fullquivorr said...

Thanks for sharing all the updates and great pictures Blair- I love them!


the Long ladies said...

Thanks for posting all of the beautiful pictures!! We were looking forward to seeing Scotland through the eyes of the Vision Forum Faith and Freedom Tour!

When is Kelly's baby due? Triumph is so adorable!

The Lord bless you,
the Long sisters
(our family blog)

Tiffany of Dixie said...

Hello Blair,

I hope you don't mind a comment from someone you don't know! I forgot how I found your blog, but I am very glad I did; I have enjoyed it. Thank you for posting the Scotland pictures! May I second the Long sisters' question and ask when Triumph will have a new brother or sister? :-) By the way, do Kelly and Peter have a blog?

A sister in Christ from South Carolina,
Tiffany Hope

Blair Brown said...

Hello to you all. Thank you for your comments! I have enjoyed receiving and reading them.

Kelly is due the beginning of November. No, they do not have a blog.

So long for now.