Saturday, March 28, 2009

An afternoon at the beach!

Here are a few pictures from our outing to the seaside... Here we enjoyed a lovely lunch and time to enjoy the Pacific coast! (Yes, the water was freezing.)

The Pacific Shore...

Preparing for lunch.

Hilary and myself

Miss Emily

Hilary K.

Claire and Hilary

Blair Elizabeth & Claire Elizabeth

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here in Cambria, CA!

Well, here I am at last, back to the world of blogging! What fun.... 8)

So what has happened in the past month or so? I could tell you all, but that would take forever. On the other hand I can tell you in a nut shell. Ok, NCFIC has taken on 5 interns. Mom and I took charge in getting their dorm set up. Our whole family went to the Valenti/Bradrick wedding on the 28th of Feb. Was home to live a week or so of normal busy life and now I am in CA!

I have been here since the 20th of March and will return home the 6th of April. While here I am visiting the Fitzgerald Family. (Life long friends of the Brown family!) We have been enjoying a relaxing time and sweet fellowship. It is always lots of fun to visit friends after not seeing each other for several years. 

 I plan to post more while here in CA, but if I don't I will do my best to post right after I return home. I do apologize for my neglect in keep up with my blog. As time permits I will be doing better, I hope!


(L to R:) Emily, Aunt Ruth & Hilary

Claire - practicing with her new camera! 

(L to R:) Claire, Me & Hilary

Just for laughs!! 

Myself and Hilary 

Please stay tuned. I really do hope to post more in the near future!