Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rejoicing in the Goodness of God....

Well, here it is! I am getting married Nov. 6th 2010! God has been so good and so faithful to bring me the most wonderful man, Taylor Tsantles. I am so thankful for his great vision for the future and I can't wait to become his bride and walk along side him for the rest of my life! I will try and post a couple times between now and the wedding, but at the rate that I blog, no promises! Enjoy the pictures.... hopefully there will be more coming soon!

(The happiest girl on earth!)


Penn and Janet said...

We are so happy for you!! Enjoy this time of planning your wedding.
The Linder's

Distinctively and Deliberately Feminine said...

We are so happy for you. I haven't ever really gotten to know you very well, we have spoken at different events, but I have enjoyed watching you grow in the Lord and learning from your example. Thanks. My family and I will be praying for your knowledge and wisdom as you prepare to enter a different season in life.

In Christ,
Amanda Davis
Blessed daughter of Marc and Laura
Happy Sister of Caleb, Elizabeth and Joanna

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Congratulations Blair! Our family was so excited to hear the news on FB!

In Christ,


Callan said...

Congratulations Blair! I am so happy for you! Praise be to the Lord!

Love to you and your family <3


Mrs. Michele Ann said...

Hello Blair,
Wow! We have been rejoicing with your wonderful news! God is so good and so gracious. We are so very happy for you both. How exciting! Our family will be praying for you both as you prepare your life together.
Many blessings,
Mrs. Hope
The Hope Family

sarahplainandtall said...

Yay Blair!

How exciting!

Blessings to you and your future!

~Sarah Holston

Tori said...

Love you two so much! Can't wait for the big day!
Praying for you both!
xoxoxox Tori

Tracy said...

I am so excited for you. I know God has some amazing things in store for your future. Thanks for posting the pictures! Let me know if I can help out in any way.
Love you!!
Tracy & the Fam :)

Mortonclan said...

Praise the Lord!!

Blair, we are all so, so excited for you down here. :) May God bless you richly in these special coming months, and in the years to come as Mrs. Tsantles.

With love and rejoicing,

Miss Adeline Morton
(for the Michael Morton family in south Georgia)

Derek and Amanda said...

Congratulations Blair! I hear all about it from Gina, Katie and Sophie!! :) They keep me informed!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Wonderful news!

I met and spoke with you briefly at the Road Trip Washington, D.C. stop.

Can't wait to see photos!