Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, here are a few more pictures from the past week. I am sorry it has 
taken me so long to post again. 
The first set of pictures are from our dinner on the beach last week. 
(Jessie Lee and Molly Smith joined us that evening.)
We grilled hamburgers and enjoyed a great time of conversation and laughter! 

Sunday all 5 of us, (Emily, Myself, Claire, Hilary & Dottie)  headed over to the local Lodge in town and did a photo shoot in the gardens. After which we went to the beach for more fun! 

I will post more later. I have so many wonderful pictures from the trip and choosing the best for the blog is hard. So hang in and I will get more to you later!

Claire with our picnic dinner

This spot will do! 

Molly & Claire lighting the grill...

L~R: Claire, Molly, Emily & Hilary

L~R: Jessie, Hilary & Claire

Molly & Emily

Hilary Kate

Just for Laughs! 

The Fitzgerald Family

Enjoying a sunset with my dear friend Claire.

A classic Cambria sunset.... 


KLowery said...

I love your matching outfits and complementing scarves!

Tori said...

How fun!! I loved it when we took pictures at the beach and garden!!!
Beautiful pictures!
Love yah,

Candace said...

Hi Blair!

Wow! Look at all the fun CA pics!!!! I miss you all!


Elizabeth J. said...

I really liked this post. The pictures were beautiful and I especially liked the pictures of you all wearing scarves.

Holston Family said...

Hello Blair!

It was so nice seeing you here in Washington! Thank you for doing that DVD cover for me, I will treasure it for ever!

~Sarah Holston

Jessica said...

Hello Blair,

My name is Jessica Mallery. I'm a 23-year-old Christian wife and mother from Montana. I've never met you, but know of you through Vision Forum. My sister somehow discovered your blog and passed on the address to me.

I was raised in a godly home with many of the values that are dear to your family. I've been married for almost four years. My husband and I have already been blessed with three children. In fact, our third is yet in the womb and we're expecting its arrival any day now! :)

I'm sure many people tell you this, but I wanted to say that your family has been a wonderful source of encouragement to me as I've been edified by your father's teaching and blessed by your sister Kelly's testimony on "Return of the Daughters." I watch this DVD from time to time and never fail to shed tears over Kelly's interview, because I've experienced what she's explaining and know how very precious it is.

Thank you and thank your family for reminding people everywhere to stand fast in what is right, noble and eternal.

Have a lovely day!